Equity Management

Our investment activity is based on position taking in a limited number of companies (estimated eight to twelve).  There is a focus on realizations when the potential seems withdrawn. We try to utilize the "time windows" in the market. The basis for the activity is the analysis of different companies. We aim to have a tight dialogue with the management of the relevant companies.

NorgesInvestor Proto will reduce its risk by spreading investments across several companies and industries. No investment shall constitute of more than 20% of the total capital at the time of investment.

In periods company funds can completely or partly be deposited in a bank.



Ola Hjorth

Hjorth leads NorgesInvestor Proto AS. Hjorth holds degrees in law and business, and has previously been CEO of NOR Aktiv Forvaltning, CFO of NOR Forsikring, chief dealer at Pre Fonds, and equities advisor at DnC.